Real Estate and Business Matters

Debt problems may be related to other personal or business finance issues. These may be connected to real estate, or issues of contractual obligations or interpretation.

Real Estate and Business Matters

Mr. Wiggins has over 30 years’ experience representing clients large and small, such as Ford Motor Co., Boeing, Prudential Insurance, Kashi Co., The Black Muslim Bakery, the San Francisco Housing Authority, and the Oakland Unified School District. He has handled product liability, trade secret, insurance, personal injury, defective construction, construction accident, and wrongful foreclosure matters, among others.

Success Stories*

*As with anything, these previous results do not result in a guarantee of success in any future case, because each borrower, and each case, is different.

Success Story 1

The client had held real estate in a business trust, and subsequently transferred the property to a Family Trust. The county maintained that there had been a change of ownership and reassessed the property taxes. The Firm showed recent California Supreme Court authority to the contrary, and the property tax reassessment was reversed.

Success Story 2

The client sued the purchaser of her property for wrongful foreclosure and unfair business practices. The trial court dismissed the case based on an immunity argument. The Firm successfully showed the Court of Appeal that there was no immunity, and the dismissal was reversed.

Success Story 3

Funds that the client had sought to invest for her retirement were wrongfully left out of the investment portfolio and earned no interest. The Firm prepared to arbitrate the matter before FINRA, but was able to come to a settlement and replenish funds that should have been earned through the original investment.

Success Story 4

Mr. Wiggins won a permanent injunction, preventing a competing cereal manufacturer from using a similar name, which was confusing the client’s customer base, and diluting the market with its inferior product.

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