Fair Lending

The Firm asserts clients’ rights against abusive, predatory, or deceptive lending practices, based on state and federal law

What Is Fair Lending?

All laws administered by National Banks are subject to anti-discrimination laws, passed by Congress and signed by the President. However, lenders are not always observant of these laws. The Firm fights for its clients to be treated fairly, so that payments can be made pursuant to terms that do not offend anti-discrimination laws.

Success Stories*

*As with anything, these previous results do not result in a guarantee of success in any future case, because each borrower, and each case, is different.

Success Story 1

The client held a mortgage loan from a National Bank. The loan carried an interest rate that was excessive in the wake of the housing crash and Dodd-Frank and its regulations. The Firm was able to reduce the interest rate, and through litigation, recover overpayments made over a period of years.

Success Story 2

An entrepreneur had lost his business in the wake of the housing crash, and was unable to continue to make the agreed-upon mortgage payments. The Firm was able to modify the mortgage without litigation, based upon the statistics showing greater harm to minority-owned businesses as a result of the recession. The client kept his home.

Success Story 3

The client was physically disabled, and had been laid off from her job, so that she was receiving unemployment benefits. The Creditor, a national lender, refused to discuss modification of payments, despite the fact that she was fighting for her life. The creditor sued in state court.
Based upon federal anti-discrimination laws, The Firm sued the lender in federal court. The state court case was dismissed, and the client paid nothing.


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