Debt Issues

Every Bankruptcy Involves Debt, But Not Every Debt Is Appropriate For Bankruptcy.

Debt Issues

Credit cards, for as little as $1,000 in debt, can generate lawsuits by the lenders or their collection agencies. The Firm offers solutions, and will fight to reduce or eliminate these debts, without filing for bankruptcy. Federal and state law provide protection for these clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

​What Are Debt Matters That Not Involve Bankruptcy?

Debt matters that do not necessarily involve bankruptcy include overdue income taxes, unpaid sales taxes, unpaid payroll taxes, honest disputes over medical bills, attempts to refinance a mortgage, or actions by a bank that appear to meet the criteria of loan discrimination, under federal statutes. These matters may not involve enough money to justify bankruptcy, or may involve violation of specific federal statutes, or may justify negotiation with taxing authorities.

What Type Of Debt Matters Does The Firm Handle?

Credit cards, taxes, medical bills, lines of credit, mortgages, among others.

What Options Are There With Regard To These Debts?

Responding to some of these debts is purely a matter of state law, so if bankruptcy is not an option, the best route and may be negotiation. Other debts, however, are the subject of federal law, so the rights for the consumer are more expansive. If the lender does not negotiate in good faith, that could lead to federal civil liability.

What Kind Of Record Does The Firm Have In Negotiating Or Resolving These Debts Outside Of Bankruptcy?

The firm has negotiated, or sued, to reduce or eliminate thousands of dollars in debt. Results have ranged from the complete cancellation of the debt, to reductions of 30% to 70%, all without the necessity of trial. The firm has employed both state and federal law to achieve these results.

Can Student Loans Be Dealt With Outside Of Bankruptcy?

Student loans are difficult, but many of these are subject to federal law, such as protections against predatory lending. As such, the borrower has options, which range from negotiation, to informal review, to civil litigation.

What Is The Bankruptcy Process?

Bankruptcy is a method of cancelling debt, primarily that without collateral, for individuals, couples, and companies that have gone out of business. it is also a method of restructuring debt for individuals, couples and companies that continue to operate. the different forms of bankruptcy are organized into different “chapters,” all of which have their own rules and procedures.

Success Stories*

*As with anything, these previous results do not result in a guarantee of success in any future case, because each borrower, and each case, is different.

Success Story 1

The Client was sued for over $20,000 by a national credit card lender. The Firm filed a federal counter-lawsuit, and the debt was canceled. The client paid nothing.

Success Story 2

The client was sued for about $10,000 in credit card debt. The credit card lender wouldn’t settle, and the matter was set for trial. The Firm demanded that all of the lender’s personnel connected to the loan and the lender’s anti-discrimination policies be present at the trial. The case was dismissed, and the client paid nothing.

Success Story 3

The business client was sued by a trillion-dollar joint-venture for alleged failure to pay for merchandise. The client had shipped the merchandise, but was victimized by a phony purchaser and fraudulent credit card. Negotiations with the joint venture proved futile, and the joint venture sued. The Firm sued the joint venture for discrimination against the business owners. The suit was dismissed, and the client paid nothing.

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Proud to serve as a “debt relief agency,” assisting individuals, couples and companies filing for bankruptcy under Title 11 of the United States Code, and those seeking loan repayment/debt relief assistance, pursuant to state and federal law, such as Title 15 of the United States Code.

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