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Herbert Wiggins, APLC

We focus on Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy for individuals, couples and companies. We can provide referrals for Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. Proud to serve as a “debt relief agency,” assisting individuals, couples and companies filing for bankruptcy under Title 11 of the United States Code, and those seeking loan repayment/debt relief assistance, pursuant to state and federal law, such as Title 15 of the United States Code.

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Herbert Wiggins

Sobre Herbert Wiggins (Español)

El abogado Herbert (“Heriberto”) Wiggins ha trabajado como abogado a través de 30 años, en el norte y el sur de California. Sus clientes han incluido tanto empresas grandes, como la Ford y la Boeing (miembros de las 500 empresas más grandes de la revista Forbes), como parejas, individuos, y pequeñas empresas.
Ha trabajado en casos de lesiones personales, propiedad industrial, bienes raíces, bancarrota, y alivio de deudas, entre otros. Durante los últimos 10 años, ha enfocado en el nexo de hipotecas, bancarrota y la ley de no discriminación en los préstamos.
El abogado Wiggins se graduó de la facultad de derecho de la Universidad de California en Berkeley.
A través de los años, ha sido miembro de organizaciones de abogados como la Langston Bar Association, la Los Angeles County Bar Association, la Orange County Bar Association, la Sam Houston Bar Association, y la Alameda County Bar Association.
Actualmente, tiene casos en los condados de Los Angeles, Orange y San Bernardino. Su oficina está en Lakewood.

Sobre Herbert Wiggins (Português)

O advogado Herbert (“Heriberto”) Wiggins tem mais de 30 años na profissão, no norte e no sul da Califórnia. Seus clientes tem incluido tanto grandes empresas como a Ford e Boeing (membros das 500 empresas mais grandes da revista Forbes), quanto indivíduos, casales e pequenas empresas.
Ha sido advogado em casos de lesão pessoal, propiedade intelectual, imobiliária, falências, e alívio das dívidas, entre outros. Durante os últimos 10 anos, tem enfocado no nexo das hipotecas, falências e a lei de não discriminação nos préstamos.
Durante sua carreira, tem sido membro das organizações de grupos de advogados como a Langston Bar Association, a Los Angeles County Bar Association, a Orange County Bar Association, a Sam Houston Bar Association, e a Alameda County Bar Association.
Neste momento, tem casos nos condados de Los Angeles, Orange e São Bernardino. Seu escritório está em Lakewood.

Herbert Wiggins has worked as an attorney in northern and southern California for over 30 years. His clients have included Fortune 500 companies, such as Ford Motor Company and Boeing, as well as mom and pop businesses, couples and individuals. He has represented these clients in everything from personal injury matters to intellectual property, real estate and bankruptcy.

For the last 10 years, he has focused on real estate and debt relief. In particular, the nexus between mortgages, and debt relief and fair lending laws.

Herb graduated from law school at the University of California, Berkeley, and has been associated with the Langston Bar Association, the Los Angeles County Bar Association, the Orange County Bar Association, the Sam Houston Bar Association, and the Alameda County Bar Association. He practices out of his office in Lakewood.

Meet Herbert Wiggins

Our Practice

Fair Lending

All laws administered by National Banks are search to anti-discrimination laws, passed by Congress and signed by the President. However, lenders are not always observant of these laws.


The Firm focuses on chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy, for individuals, couples, and companies. Chapter 7 is the liquidation of personal debt, or for companies that are going out of business.

Debt Issues

Every bankruptcy involves debt, but not every debt is appropriate for bankruptcy. Credit cards, for as little as $1,000 in debt can generate lawsuits by the lenders are there collection agencies.

Real Estate and Business Matters

The firm has over 30 years experience in litigation, representing clients large and small. The Firm has enjoyed success in litigation and several different fields.

Federal Law Requires the Following Disclosures with Regard to Bankruptcy Clients:

Disclosure from 11 US Code Sec. 527(b):

“If you decide to seek bankruptcy relief, you can represent yourself, you can hire an attorney to represent you, or you can get help in some localities from a bankruptcy petition preparer who is not an attorney. THE LAW REQUIRES AN ATTORNEY OR BANKRUPTCY PETITION PREPARER TO GIVE YOU A WRITTEN CONTRACT SPECIFYING WHAT THE ATTORNEY OR BANKRUPTCY PETITION PREPARER WILL DO FOR YOU AND HOW MUCH IT WILL COST. Ask to see the contract before you hire anyone.
“The following information helps you understand what must be done in a routine bankruptcy case to help you evaluate how much service you need. Although bankruptcy can be complex, many cases are routine.
“Before filing a bankruptcy case, either you or your attorney should analyze your eligibility for different forms of debt relief available under the Bankruptcy Code and which form of relief is most likely to be beneficial for you. Be sure you understand the relief you can obtain and its limitations. To file a bankruptcy case, documents called a Petition, Schedules, and Statement of Financial Affairs, and in some cases a Statement of Intention, need to be prepared correctly and filed with the bankruptcy court. You will have to pay a filing fee to the bankruptcy court.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to evaluate your case fairly, handle it efficiently, and resolve it favorably. In an adversarial system of justice, results cannot be guaranteed, but we bring 30 years’ experience, determination, and moxie to bear for you.

Let’s Work Together

Proud to serve as a “debt relief agency,” assisting individuals, couples and companies filing for bankruptcy under Title 11 of the United States Code, and those seeking loan repayment/debt relief assistance, pursuant to state and federal law, such as Title 15 of the United States Code.

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