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A law is valuable, not because it is a law, but because there is right in it.


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We seek to protect your rights. We work with State and Federal law. We have a long record of success.

Primary Practice Areas


The Firm focuses on chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy, for individuals, couples, and companies. Chapter 7 is the liquidation of personal debt, or for companies that are going out of business. Learn More

Debt Issues

Every bankruptcy involves debt, but not every debt is appropriate for bankruptcy.
Credit cards, for as little as $1,000 in debt can generate lawsuits by the lenders are there collection agencies. Learn More

Fair Lending

All laws administered by National Banks are search to anti-discrimination laws, passed by Congress and signed by the President. However, lenders are not always observant of these laws. Learn More

Real Estate and Business Matters

The firm has over 30 years experience in litigation, representing clients large and small. The Firm has enjoyed success in litigation and several different fields. Learn More

Primary Practices

Debt, real estate, and bankruptcy, all meet up at the junction of loan fairness, ability to pay, and state and federal regulations. We seek to vindicate your rights.
To save your home, don’t go it alone.

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From Our Clients*

*As with anything, these previous results do not result in a guarantee of success in any future case, because each borrower, and each case, is different.

The US Trustee would have sold our house in the bankruptcy. Through Mr. Wiggins we were able to procure a loan to pay off the equity. We kept our house and discharged the unsecured debt.
We are grateful to Mr. Wiggins for helping us keep our home.

DP, Bellflower

I’m glad Mr. Wiggins was fighting for us. We knew that the other side could have an army of attorneys going after us as soon as we went to court. But he thought the case would go away. He was right. The debt was dismissed. We are very grateful.

BD, Long Beach

The US trustee wanted to take away all of our life insurance. Mr. Wiggins was able to convince him that the life insurance was fully exempt.
He was able to protect this valuable asset.

JJ, Los Angeles

The case proceeded exactly as Mr Wiggins outlined. I was able to recover a large amount of mortgage overpayment. It was awesome.

HA, Brea

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What Could Go Wrong?

What Could Go Wrong?

“STAYING” AWAY FROM CONTEMPT SANCTIONS   Suppose you find yourself in this situation. You've been involved in litigation for months against a party you believe defrauded you out of thousands of dollars. After protracted legal proceedings, your judge finally sets...



Where debtors claimed “100% Fair Market Value” of their home as protected by the Homestead Exemption, and there was no timely objection by the US Trustee, then the claim of exemption protected the full amount of money generated by the sale of the home, after payment...

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Proud to serve as a “debt relief agency,” assisting individuals, couples and companies filing for bankruptcy under Title 11 of the United States Code, and those seeking loan repayment/debt relief assistance, pursuant to state and federal law, such as Title 15 of the United States Code.

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